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African IP Update - June 2017

19th June, 2017

Changes to Trademark Term In Gambia 
In accordance with the Industrial Property Act the term of trade is reduced to ten years as opposed to 14 years under the previous law.  However the new Act does allow for 6 month grace period which will expire on 2 October 2017.  Once renewed, all trademark applications are required by law to be classified to the new international trademark classification system.  

Zimbabwe Ratifies Madrid Protocol
The draft Regulations of the Madrid Protocol has been approved by the Zimbabwean Parliament which designates Zimbabwe as an applicant for an international registrations originating in Zimbabwe.  

Issuance of Libyan Trademark Registration Certificates
The trademark office in Libya is currently facing a backlog; however, applicants in Libya who currently hold application numbers from 6000 to 6500 can expect to be issued with a registration certificate from the Libyan Trade Marks Office soon.

Changes to Trademark Renewal Term in Burundi 
Prior to the Burundi Law No. 1/13 of 28 July 2009, trademarks were registered for indefinite periods without having to be renewed; however changes under the 2009 Law which requires renewal for consecutive ten years period added with a 6 month grace period for late renewals, if proprietor failed to have his mark renewed, the registration becomes invalid and cannot be restored.  

A full report on the recent African IP changes is available here.

Elaine Bergenthuin
Member - F.I.C.P.I. South Africa



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