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European citizens’ IP awareness and FICPI’s Role

15th May, 2017

European Citizens’ IP Awareness and FICPI’s role:
Learning from the results of EUIPO’s IP perception study

A recent EUIPO study on the perception of IP rights by EU citizens provides a comprehensive overview of the level of awareness of European citizens regarding intellectual property. 

The respondents of the survey tend to recognize the value of intellectual property and the importance of protecting it, as 97% of the citizens surveyed agreed that it is important that inventors, creators and performing artists can protect their rights and be paid for their work and 70% of citizens believe that nothing can justify the purchase of counterfeit goods. However, these beliefs do not translate into action, as the level of illegal downloading of copyright material remains high and more citizens than before admit having been confused as per the genuineness of products or the legality of sources.

As IP still appears to be a confusing and ambiguous topic for European citizens, the above findings provide FICPI with significant facts that may assist us in our efforts to help educate the IP system users to acknowledge the importance and economic role of IP and identify infringement behavior, especially in the online environment. FICPI’s role in this field is significant for the protection of the future of the IP system itself.

For more details on the EUIPO IP perception study please click here.

Eleni Kokkini
Co-Chair - European Trade Marks
CET 1 - Trade Marks



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