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Seminars on Code of Conduct and Discipline Rules in Turkey

22nd November, 2017

The coming into force of the Regulation on the Code of Conduct and Discipline of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for Patent Attorneys and Trademark Attorneys, crystallized for the Board of Directors of FICPI Turkey the subject of the opening seminar as the Code of Conduct and Discipline Rules. The selection of such a hot topic for the first seminar matched FICPI’s roles and duties since contribution to the advancement of the patent and trademark attorneys’ profession is among the most important of its roles and duties. The Board decided to organise two seminars in the same format, one in Ankara and one in Istanbul, in collaboration with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (“Office”) for reaching out to as many patent and trademark attorneys as possible.

With the support of the FICPI Bureau, two FICPI members were invited to the seminars as speakers to share their experiences of this topic in their countries. The speakers were Mr. Dieter Laufhutte, who is the German Delegate at the ExCo and a Member of the Disciplinary Board of the German Patent Attorneys’ Chamber, and Mr. Gianfranco Dragotti, who is the Chairman of the Disciplinary Board of the Italian Association of IP agents and the ex-President of the FICPI Italian Association. Ms. Selda Arkan, a Member of the Board of FICPI Turkey and a Member of the European Patent Institute Professional Conduct Committee, moderated their talks. Two Turkish speakers, Mr. Tuna Yurtseven, a Member and the Secretary of the European Patent Institute Disciplinary Committee, and Mr. Vehbi Mescigil, a Member of the Office Disciplinary Board of the Patent and Trademark Attorneys, were also invited to speak. Mr. Uğur Yalçıner, a Member of the Office Disciplinary Board, moderated their talks. 

The first seminar was held in Ankara on 30 October 2017 and more than 50 participants, in addition to the speakers, the Office personnel and FICPI members, attended the seminar. The first seminar was also attended by Prof Dr. Habip Asan, the President of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, who addressed the participants following the opening speech by Mr. Uğur Aktekin, President of FICPI Turkey.  The seminar in Ankara was the first FICPI seminar organized in Turkey.

The second seminar was held in İstanbul in the same format, on 31 October 2017, and more than 65 participants attended the seminar in addition to the speakers and FICPI members. 

The participants showed great interest in the seminars and interactively took part with questions and discussions at the breaks and the closing cocktail functions during both seminars. It was noted that there is a need to continue with similar seminars in future, in particular with an in depth analysis of the regulations.  The presidents of the three leading associations present during the seminars, AIPPI Turkey, PEM and FICPI Turkey, have principally agreed to take this issue to their boards with a view to organizing joint seminars in association with the Office.  

The aim of the seminars was to provide information, real-case experiences and awareness for the Turkish attorneys on the Code of Conduct and Discipline, which is quite a new topic in Turkey, and to introduce FICPI Turkey to the attorneys. Four attorneys showed an interest during the course of the seminars in becoming a member of FICPI, and it is expected that other membership applications will be received in the near future. From the feedback received and the interest shown in the seminars, it was agreed that the desired outcome had been achieved through these events.

Author: Uğur Aktekin & Ayşen Kunt



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