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FICPI-Turkey Third Roundtable Meeting - May 2018

30th July, 2018

FICPI-Turkey arranged its third roundtable meeting on “Conflict of interest” principle, on interpretation of which patent and trademark attorneys have questions, following the enforcement of the Regulation on the Code of Conduct and Discipline of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for Patent Attorneys and Trademark Attorneys (hereinafter referred

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Standing Committee on the Law of Patents at WIPO

26th July, 2018

FICPI participated in the 28th session of the SCP in Geneva, 9 to 12 July 2018.  The session covered five main topics: (i) exceptions and limitations to patent rights; (ii) quality of patents, including opposition systems; (iii) patents and health; (iv) confidentiality of communications between clients and their patent advisors; and (v)

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Monthly Message from the President - July 2018

24th July, 2018

Dear FICPI Family –  The IP World continues to change with ever-increasing speed and, with it, the role of the independent IP attorney.  In the face of these changes, we have as many challenges as new opportunities.  It is vital that independent patent and trade mark attorneys

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FICPI Resolutions - Toronto 2018

16th July, 2018

Twelve highly relevant and topical resolutions, covering EU IPR in the UK after Brexit, patent and design law harmonization, trademark examination and ethical and professional rules for virtual IP firms, were passed at the FICPI Executive Committee Meeting and World Congress held in Toronto, Canada, 3-9 June 2018. The Resolutions may

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FICPI Adopts Position on Patent Law Harmonization

19th June, 2018

FICPI's Executive Committee adopted positions on the three harmonisation topics currently being studied within WIPO’s Group B+, namely grace period, prior user rights and conflicting applications, at its recent meeting in Toronto.  . While the positions adopted in relation to grace period and prior user rights

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FICPI-Turkey 2nd Roundtable Meeting on Article 155 of the IP Code

02nd May, 2018

FICPI-Turkey arranged its second roundtable meeting on the Article 155 of the Industrial Property Code no. 6769 (hereinafter referred to as “IP Code”), which is; a patent, trademark or design right holder cannot allege its registered rights as a defense in an infringement action filed by a prior right holder.

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