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WIPO General Assemblies 2017

09th October, 2017

FICPI was represented at WIPO’s General Assemblies by Robert Watson, Vice-President, Study & Work Commission (CET) for two days on 4 and 5 October 2017. 

These days were likely to be the most relevant to the interests of FICPI, generally covering reports from the various WIPO standing committees, and comprising the assemblies of the Global IP systems administered by WIPO.  

Two topics of particular relevance were a potential decision on holding a diplomatic conference to establish a Design Law Treaty and on the mandate for the IGC for the next biennium.  Although both these issues were discussed in the plenary sessions, further discussions between member states were being held in closed sessions.

The meeting also provided the opportunity to network on behalf of FICPI with WIPO staff, delegations from various IP offices and other user organisations.  Robert was also able to have an informal meeting with the Director of IP at the WTO, Antony Taubman, to discuss items of mutual interest.

Those with an interest in the work of the WIPO General Assemblies can review the proceedings on the WIPO website, and the, read the official reports, once published.

Author: Robert Watson



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