Professional Excellence Commission

The Professional Excellence Commission (PEC) was set up as part of the implementation of FICPI strategic plan to study, develop positions and make recommendations regarding matters of professional practice, with the objective of maintaining the standards of the IP profession at the highest level.

PEC takes a lead in matters of continuing professional development, the promotion of standards and best practices and the profession as a business.  It also monitors initiatives that seek to regulate the profession and its rights of representation.

Many of FICPI’s educational meetings, such as its Open Forums and symposia, include sessions on the profession as a business as well as IP law and practice.  The PEC Commission is responsible for developing the content for such sessions.

The president of the PEC Commission is elected by the EXCO and its members are chosen by the president of the commission after consultation with the Bureau.


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Dipl.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. Patrick Erk

Country/Region of residence: GermanyGermany

Telephone : (+49) 30-305 10 29

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Appointed Vice President & Reporter

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Alain Leclerc

Country/Region of residence: CanadaCanada

Telephone : (+1) 514-397 7675

Appointed Vice President Responsible for CPD/CPE questions & accreditation

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Kazuaki Takami

Country/Region of residence: JapanJapan

Telephone : (+81) 3-5776-2700

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