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Course Sponsorship Opportunities

For over 15 years, FICPI has offered to students from around the world a unique, high-level training course in the art of drafting patent claims and specifications. Recognising that well drafted patents are one of the cornerstones of an effective and efficient intellectual property system, and observing the need for training in developing countries, FICPI’s Academy of Education developed its SEAD and EuroSEAD courses to offer the benefits of “on-the job” training under the supervision and direction of a skilled and experienced team of tutors. The impact of the courses on the students attending them is apparent from the testimonials of former students.

As the locations of the courses changed to accommodate the needs of new students, FICPI relied on the financial support of government agencies, universities and intellectual property offices in Europe, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong to help defray the costs of the courses and keep the tuition fees down. Over the last two to three years, that financial support has diminished, and FICPI’s members have borne a significant portion of the courses’ costs.

To allow us to continue to offer these courses, FICPI has decided to offer sponsorship opportunities for these courses. Through your financial support for these courses, you will have the opportunity to associate your firm name and logo with one of the most influential and respected intellectual property organisations in the world, and identify your firm as one concerned with the quality of the patent system worldwide.

We are offering three levels of sponsorship, but welcome any assistance you can provide to us in continuing these courses. Please read the comments from our former students; they are becoming the leaders of the patent profession in their respective countries, and people well worth knowing.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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